IHE Pharmacy Technical Framework Supplements MMA & UBP Published for Public Comment


The IHE Pharmacy Technical Committee has published the following supplements for public comment in the period from October 19 through November 18, 2017:

  • Mobile Medication Administration (MMA) – Rev. 1.0
  • Uniform Barcode Processing (UBP) – Rev. 1.0

The documents are available for download at http://ihe.net/Public_Comment. Comments submitted by November 18, 2017 will be considered by the IHE Pharmacy Technical Committee in developing the trial implementation version of the supplements. Comments can be submitted at Pharmacy Public Comments.

This profiles are the first of the Pharmacy domain to use FHIR (STU 3).

After PC period, they will be available on the IHE website at : http://ihe.net/Technical_Frameworks/#pharmacy

The Mobile Medication Administration

The Mobile Medication Administration Profile is intended to be compatible with hospital settings, but the emphasis is on community settings in a mobile environment, or where CDA® documents are not used. For CDA documents, users are advised to consult the Pharmacy CMA (Community medication Administration) Profile.

The MMA Profile enables mobile and lightweight web applications to handle the planned and actual administration of medication.

Some uses for MMA are:

  • An application for a home care nurse that receives the requests and informs the nurse about the medications that each patient is scheduled to take in a given period.
  • An application (or the same as above) for a nurse, where the nurse can register the planned (as above) or unplanned administration of medication and submit that information to the hospital EHR.

An application for patients to receive updated medication instructions on their mobile device and / or register the use of medication, e.g., by scanning the barcodes

Besides mobile applications, more conventional uses are also supported, for example:
• Recording the administration of drugs in a hospital setting
• Recording the administration of drugs by an infusion device (pump)
• Recording the administration of immunization

The Uniform Barcode Processing

The transactions for decoding barcodes and retrieving additional information about the medicinal product are described in a dedicated IHE Pharmacy technical supplement called UBP – Uniform Barcode Processing.

This supplement provides an interoperability mechanism for systems to request a barcode content to be decoded, for those applications that do not implement the decoding algorithms.
Concretely, this supplement describes the transactions between a system that has a barcode but needs it decoded, and another system that decodes the barcode content.

Some processes where this profile may be relevant are:
• Scanning at the Point of Care also known as ‘bedside scanning’;
• Traceability of medical devices;
• Inventory management or generally Supply Chain management.


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